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The Evidence Base: Predictors of Infant Health

Dec. 7, 2018

Prenatal care is key to preventing pregnancy complications and identifying intimate partner violence.1,2,3 “Inadequate” prenatal care is associated with an increased risk of preterm delivery compared with women receiving “adequate” care.4 “Adequate” care significantly reduces risk for premature birth, low birth weight, and small-for-gestational-age status in drug-exposed infants.5Late entry to prenatal care has been associated with increased risk for neonatal death, infant death, and cumulative death within the first year of life.6

Meet the Team: Dr. Kaeley Benson, Research Director

Dec. 3, 2018

Kaeley Benson, Ph.D.Kaeley Benson, Ph.D. joined CFRP in 2013 as a Postdoctoral Fellow with a focus on early childhood program evaluation. She is now CFRP's Research Director and oversees all the family strengthening, early childhood, and fatherhood projects, research staff, and support team.

Evaluation of Collaborative Family Engagement

Nov. 28, 2018

Over the past decade, child welfare research has demonstrated the value of involving family members and fictive kin (close family friends) in children’s lives while they are in foster care – not only to provide a place to stay, but to serve as a support system for the child during care and afterwards.1 To increase family engagement in Texas, Texas Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) and the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) created the Collaborative Family Engagement (CFE) process in 2015 with funding from the 84th Texas Legislature, and co

Cynthia Osborne Profiled by UT System's Texas Health Journal

Nov. 1, 2018

The University of Texas System's Population Health division talked to CFRP director and LBJ School of Public Affairs scholar, Dr. Cynthia Osborne, about her work and motivations for the October issue on child welfare of the well known Texas Health Journal.

New Project: Impact of the AVANCE Parent-Child Education Program on Student Outcomes

Oct. 25, 2018

The AVANCE Network operates several programs within the framework of a two-generation approach to whole family success. The largest of these is their Parent-Child Outcome Education Program, a program for parents and their children up to age 4. While the parents are in their own session learning about the importance of their role as a teacher and specific parenting skills, their children are taught school ready concepts and participate in stimulating activities.

Welcome New Research Staff

Oct. 23, 2018

Please welcome our new research staff! McKenna LeClear, Research Associate; Bethany McKee, Research Associate; Jeanette Cunningham Rottas, Data Research Associate; Anna Sucsy, Research Assistant; and Patrick Youngblood, Data Research Associate.

New Project: Families’ Experiences with Texas Family Courts

Oct. 22, 2018

Family court cases, including divorce and custody issues, account for approximately one-half of all civil cases in Texas. Research has repeatedly demonstrated the negative effects of divorce on children, yet little is known about how the family court system minimizes or exacerbates child trauma from divorce.

Meet the Team: Jennifer Huffman, Senior Research Associate

Oct. 12, 2018

Jennifer HuffmanJennifer Huffman, MPAff started with CFRP as a Graduate Research Assistant while a Master of Public Affairs student at the LBJ School of Public Affairs. She has now been on staff since 2016 and is currently a Senior Research Associate leading several child welfare and adolescent health projects.

The Final Report of the Texas Prevention Task Force

Oct. 1, 2018

In the state of Texas in 2017, there were 174,740 completed investigations of abuse and neglect and over 63,000 children confirmed victims of child maltreatment, of which almost 50% were under the age of 5. These victims of childhood trauma, or adverse childhood experiences, are also at greater risk of both short- and long-term negative impacts on their brain development, behavior, and health.

Director Cynthia Osborne Appointed Associate Dean for Academic Strategies at LBJ School of Public Affairs

Sept. 4, 2018

[Reprinted from the LBJ School of Public Affairs

Cynthia Osborne, an associate professor of public affairs, has been named associate dean for academic strategies at the LBJ School at The University of Texas at Austin, it was announced today by LBJ School Dean Angela Evans. The appointment is effective September 1 and continues through August 31, 2021.