Thank You for 6 Years of Collaborative Partnership

CFRP Rigorous Research to Strengthen Families and Enhance Public Policy

Since our founding in 2011, the Child and Family Research Partnership (CFRP) at The University of Texas at Austin LBJ School of Public Affairs has been the academic partner of federal and state government agencies and NGOs, helping answer challenging policy questions impacting vulnerable children and families.

CFRP, under the direction of policy professor and demographer, Dr. Cynthia Osborne, has rapidly grown into the largest research center at the LBJ School and is now the go-to resource for rigor and expertise for leaders seeking a collaborative partner to evaluate the impacts, effectiveness, and opportunities of policy decisions and programs.

Some of the questions we’ve helped our partners find answers to:

FAMILY SUPPORTS | Community Impact | Economic Security

  • How much does it cost unmarried Texas parents to raise a child across two households?
  • How can we measure whether communities are on track to make systems-level changes for children and families?
  • What supports do our military families need to be successful?

FATHERHOOD | Supports for Fathers | Paternity Establishment | Child Support

  • How can the state build a comprehensive system to support fathers?
  • What is the link between paternity establishment and subsequent father involvement?
  • What maternal risks are associated with father's birth absence?
  • Are the child support guidelines sufficient to provide for the children in need?
  • How can we get more fathers involved in early childhood programs?

EARLY CHILDHOOD INVESTMENTS | Home Visiting | Pre-Kindergarten | Child Care

  • What is the value of home visiting programs to parents and children?
  • What are the early financial savings of pre-Kindergarten?
  • Do two years of pre-Kindergarten better prepare children for school entry than one?
  • Are childcare center ratios associated with child safety?
  • How do you successfully take evidence-based home visiting programs to scale?

CHILD WELFARE | Child Welfare Workforce | Child and Family Outcomes

  • How can we build stronger collaboration between family violence advocates and Child Protective Services?
  • How do volunteer advocates promote healthy outcomes for foster children?
  • How can mediation be used in child protection cases to improve outcomes for children and families?       
  • What are the key elements of an effective child welfare workforce?

ADOLESCENT HEALTH AND WELLBEING | Teen Pregnancy Prevention | Homeless Youth

  • What are the unmet reproductive health needs of community college students?
  • What programs most effectively prepare teens to make healthy choices?
  • What are the needs of homeless teens?

We deeply value our partners and their shared commitment to strengthening families. Thank you for the past 6 years, and we look forward to many more! To learn how you can work with CFRP, please contact us at

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Nov. 1, 2017