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Infographic: Mother's Day 2018: Today's Moms

May 7, 2018

Over the past few decades, the views of the roles of men and women along with family structure have greatly changed. For Mother's Day, here are a few fun facts on what motherhood looks like in the United States today:

Infographic: The Importance of Father Involvement

June 9, 2015

Children benefit in many ways if their dads are involved in their lives. A positive father-child relationship can improve a child’s social skills, grades, and health. In addition, a healthy relationship between mom and dad makes it significantly more likely that a child will benefit from times spent with their dads.

Research shows that the children who grow up with involved fathers have concrete benefits: 

Infographic - Child Support: The Hidden Social Safety Net

April 29, 2015

The Hidden Social Safety Net: a look at how child support payments compare to more traditional forms of family support.

Infographic - Toxic Stress: Here Today, Here Tomorrow

Nov. 10, 2014

Research shows that toxic levels of stress in early childhood can result in physiological changes that increase the risk of cognitive and physical developmental problems in adolescence and adulthood. The infographic below, "Toxic Stress: Here Today, Here Tomorrow" illustrates what toxic stress is and its impacts, and also highlights some findings in Texas. 

Infographic - Dads on the Dotted Line: Why Unmarried Dads Don't Establish Paternity

July 16, 2014

The signing of a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity is an unwed father’s first legal act of fatherhood; without it, he has none of the legal rights or responsibilities of parenthood. It is also a milestone opportunity for an unmarried father to demonstrate his commitment to his child. Why do some unmarried dads not sign the acknowledgment of paternity form?

For more about paternity establishment, see our recent series of related briefs below or go to our Paternity Establishment research page:

Infographic - Stressed from the Nest: Early Stressors for Children of Unmarried Parents

May 7, 2014

The Brookings Institution is talking this morning about how to help disadvantaged kids overcome chronic stress. See our new infographic that shows how children born to unmarried parents are exposed to stressful environments as newborns and even before birth.