New Facebook Changes: Do This To See All of CFRP's Posts

Facebook continues to tweek its algorithm, determined to show more of what people “want.” They also continue to move towards showing more Friends and Family posts vs. Pages (businesses, organizations, etc.), like the Child and Family Research Partnership. This is despite the fact that people deliberately choose to like Pages as part of the Facebook experience so they can…actually see their posts. Why is Facebook doing this? You can find all the nitty gritty here, but really it’s because they want Pages to pay for advertising instead of getting the free exposure that we’re all used to.

Regardless of why Facebook is making changes or how you may feel about it, below is how to see all or more posts from Pages than the newest default allows.

1. On a Page you like, click on the “Liked” button and click on “See First.” To get notifications of Page posts (like for Close Friends), click on the edit pencil next to “In Your News Feed.” 



2. Click on “Notifications” on the left – choose “All Posts” or whatever items you want notifications for and then “Done.”



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-Wendy Gonzales, CFRP Operations and Communications Director

July 1, 2016