New Brief: Fatherhood In Texas

CFRP Child and Family Research Partnership - Fatherhood

The state of Texas recognizes the important role that fathers play in the lives of their children and families. Involved fatherhood is linked to better outcomes on nearly every measure of child wellbeing from cognitive and emotional development and academic success, to reduced delinquency, and improved mental health. In addition to fathers’ direct involvement with their children, fathers’ provision of financial resources, either formally or informally, reduces material hardship for families and mitigates the negative impacts of poverty on child wellbeing and outcomes

Fatherhood in TexasTexas also understands that fathers’ needs are distinct from those of mothers and other family members. Father-specific supports in Texas feature an array of services, including state-funded programs and local initiatives designed to increase fathers’ economic self-sufficiency and improve their parenting knowledge and skills. Although Texas has taken important steps to support fathers, the state can do still more to support fathers, and contribute to improving the wellbeing of children.

Learn how fathers in Texas are being supported at the state and local levels in new policy brief, Fatherhood In Texas: Texas is Supporting Fathers, But Can Do More:

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