Launch of the Texas Fatherhood Resource Hub

Texas Fatherhood Resource Hub

CFRP and Texas DFPS Prevention and Early Intervention are excited to announce a single online source for policymakers, administrators, and program providers to learn about the research on the importance of fathers and find concrete tools to advance their day-to-day work, the Texas Fatherhood Resource Hub.

Research shows fathers play an important role in the lives of their children, families, and their communities. The state of Texas recognizes the importance of fathers, and understands that many fathers face challenges to remaining involved with their children. For any organization invested in the wellbeing of families, the resources on the new Texas Fatherhood Resource Hub will help support their efforts to serve fathers and support families.

The new Texas Fatherhood Resource Hub has five sections of content below. Video overview also below.

Dads Matter

Healthy father involvement promotes positive child outcomes. In the “Dads Matter” section, you will learn about the connection between father involvement and positive outcomes for children and the key predictors of father involvement, which organizations can use to ensure their services target key areas that help fathers become and stay involved.

Preparing Your Organization to Serve Fathers

If you are looking for best practices and resources to help your organization focus on serving fathers, the “Preparing Your Organization to Serve Fathers” section provides content on how to create a father-friendly environment, why dads participate in programs, how to recruit dads into your programs, and how to keep dads participating in your programs. You will also find specific resources on young fathers (ages 18 to 24) and fathers participating in home visiting programs.

Building a Father-Friendly Community

Many fathers have complex needs that a single program cannot support. By bringing together organizations representing multiple sectors, fatherhood coalitions provide a formal framework within which stakeholders can work together to change systems to serve fathers and families more holistically. The “Building a Father-Friendly Community” section shares the steps organizations can take to build a community coalition focused on working toward a long-term, measurable goal to improve the community and create systems-level change.

How Texas is Supporting Fathers

Texas supports fathers through a variety of programs, policies, and services. Explore the “How Texas is Supporting Fathers” section to find resources and trainings to support organizations as they serve fathers, a sample of programs and services working with fathers in Texas, and links to parenting and legal resources that organizations can share with the families they serve.

Serving Fathers Across the United States

State agencies, local governments, and non-profits across the United States are working to serve fathers and support families in a variety of ways. In the “Serving Fathers Across the United States” section, you will learn more about programs and services in other states; read research on the effectiveness of fatherhood programs; and find resources, trainings, curriculum, and funding opportunities available to support organizations that serve fathers.

Explore the new Texas Fatherhood Resource Hub:

June 12, 2020