New Project: Families’ Experiences with Texas Family Courts

Families’ Experiences with Texas Family Courts

Family court cases, including divorce and custody issues, account for approximately one-half of all civil cases in Texas. Research has repeatedly demonstrated the negative effects of divorce on children, yet little is known about how the family court system minimizes or exacerbates child trauma from divorce.

In partnership with the Office of Court Administration’s Family Court Advisory group and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, CFRP is determining the extent to which the current family court system successfully meets the needs of all parties involved, particularly children. This study is not an evaluation of the court system, but rather it is an opportunity to identify the views on the family court process of various stakeholders (e.g. judges, attorneys, parents, advocates) to determine if further study and recommendations are warranted. Surveys and focus groups will be conducted with family court judges, lawyers, mediators, advocates, and staff.

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