CFRP at the 2015 APPAM Fall Research Conference

The APPAM Fall Research Conference is the main conference of the year for scholars from around the world and is this week in Miami. Attendees convene to both present and learn about the most current research on policy and management issues from 14 different policy areas. This year’s conference program is centered around the theme, “The Golden Age of Evidence-Based Policy.”

CFRP director Cynthia Osborne will be presenting her papers throughout the conference as well as participating in events as an elected member of the APPAM Policy Council:

Panel 11/12/15 – How Can We Expand Home Visiting to Engage Dads? Strategies, Enhancements, and Early Program Impacts (8:30am, Merrick I)

  • Panel Paper – Engaging Fathers: Expanding the Scope of Evidence-Based Home Visiting Programs(Anna Lipton Galbraith, Cynthia Osborne, Jennifer Winter Craver and Ruy Manrique-Betanzos)

Panel 11/12/15 – Designing Evaluations to Strengthen Policy and Practice: Current Research on Evidence-Based Home Visiting Programs (10:15 am, Merrick I)

  • Panel Paper – Challenges of Serving and Retaining High-Risk Families in Evidence-Based Home Visiting Programs (Cynthia Osborne and Allison C. Dubin)

Panel 11/14/15 - Father Involvement: Trends, Implications, and Opportunities (8:30am, Merrick I)

  • Panel Paper – Exploring the Role of Fathers’ Birth Presence in Mothers’ Mental Health Outcomes(Daniel Dillon, Cynthia Osborne, and Holly Sexton)

Click for detailed conference schedule.

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