Accepted for Publication: The Politics & Statistics of VAM for Accountability of Teacher Preparation Programs

Congratulations to CFRP Director Dr. Cynthia Osborne and co-authors Dr. Jane Lincove, Amanda Dillon, and Nick Mills on acceptance of their paper, "The Politics and Statistics of Value-Added Modeling for Accountability of Teacher Preparation Programs," in the Journal of Teacher Education. The paper was a result of research conducted for the Texas Education Agency under the initiative, Project on Educator Effectiveness and Quality.


Despite questions about validity and reliability, the use of value-added estimation methods has moved beyond academic research into state accountability systems for teachers, schools, and teacher preparation programs (TPPs). Prior studies of value-added measurement for TPPs test the validity of researcher-designed models and find that measuring differences across programs is difficult. This study is the first to examine the reliability and usefulness of a value-added model for TPPs developed through a collaborative stakeholder process and mandated by state law for use in accountability. Based on the experience of developing a test-based metric for Texas TPPs, our results suggest that although value-added results are highly correlated across specifications, accountability status for individual programs is very sensitive to decisions about accountability criteria, the selection of teachers, and the selection of control variables. 

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Aug. 27, 2013