Importance of Father Involvement

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Healthy father involvement is good for children. Below are resources to help organizations understand the importance of fathers in the lives of their children. Share these resources with colleagues and stakeholders to help everyone in your community understand the value of supporting fathers.


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The Importance of Father Involvement (English)

Interested in the link between healthy father involvement and positive child outcomes?

Children who grow up with involved fathers experience better mental, emotional, educational, and social outcomes, and are:

  • 39% more likely to earn mostly A's in school
  • 45% less likely to repeat a grade
  • 60% less likely to be suspended or expelled from school
  • 2X as likely to go to college or find stable employment after high school
  • 75% less likely to have a teen birth
  • 80% less likely to spend time in jail

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The Importance of Father Involvement (Spanish)

¿Interesado(a) en la relación entre el involucramiento saludable del padre y los resultados positivos en los niños?

Niños(as) que crecen con padres involucrados tienen mejores resultados mentales, emocionales, educativos, y sociales, y tienen:

  • 39% más probabilidad de sacar una A en la mayoría de sus clases
  • 45% menos probabilidad de repetir un año en la escuela
  • 60% menos probabilidad de ser suspendidos o expulsados de la escuela
  • 2X más probabilidad de ir a la universidad o encontrar un empleo estable después de la secundaria
  • 75% menos probabilidad de tener un bebé durante la adolescencia
  • 80% menos probabilidad de pasar tiempo en la cárcel

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5 Things You Should Know about the Importance of Fathers

Find a summary of the connection between involved fathers and child outcomes, how supporting fathers strengthens families, the increase in federal and state investments in fathers, what fathers value about fatherhood programs, and the growing evidence base on fatherhood programs.

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Data Walk

Share or display information about the importance of father involvement, demographics of fatherhood in the U.S., unmarried fathers' relationships with their children, and more with this data walk.

The Importance of Father Involvement (2020)


This brief describes the three dimensions of father involvement, discusses the link between fathers and their child's healthy development, and introduces information on how healthy father involvement can serve as a protective factor against child maltreatment.